Critique services

These services are suitable for writers requiring detailed, honest feedback on their work, whether it’s a complete short story, a chapter or section of a novel, or a complete manuscript. For details, scroll down past the testimonials.


I found Susan's critique service to be professional, honest and insightful. I had been working on my short story for quite some time and as I neared the end I found that having been absorbed in it for so long I had lost the ability to step back and look at it with fresh eyes. Susan really picked up on what I had been trying to achieve with my story and the direction in which I wanted to take it. She was highly encouraging, even whilst pointing out any flaws that she had found and she shared her own ideas on how my story could be improved. I left our meeting with a renewed sense of optimism. I learned so much from Susan during our meeting and I appreciate the time and attention she gave to my work. I would highly recommend Susan to anyone looking for genuine, constructive and informative feedback.  Emma Barrett March 2015

My current novel has had quite a few “near misses” with literary agents but for the life of me I couldn’t pin down what was stopping them making the final commitment to me and the book.
There comes a point when most novels benefit from a fresh eye. We become too close to our stories and characters and all too often can’t see what might be perfectly clear to an objective reader. I turned to Susan Elliot Wright, who is a successful novelist and a respected tutor. She read my troublesome book and came up with wonderfully insightful and useful observations and suggestions. She is always honest, she is kind, she is clever. With her report sitting next to me, at last I feel able to turn this book into the one I wanted to write and the one literary agents and publishers want to read. Thank you Susan, for your time and expertise and also your tremendous support.
Annie McKie, February 2015

Susan is a truly inspirational critic for the creative writer. She is thorough and efficient with her response, so I wasn't left chomping at the bit worrying what she thought of my material. We had an indepth meeting to discuss the critique, and without fail Susan was on the button where things didn't quite work. She then explained in a positive manner how they might be improved. I left the meeting full of enthusiasm and determination to reach my goal. Pamela Jackson, February 2015

Susan's constructive and positive feedback was exactly what I needed. I can see where changes need to be made, and feel confident and motivated to continue with my novel. Molly Clarke December 2014

I was slightly nervous about individual mentoring as I thought the work involved for the monthly submission of up to 4,000 might be very intensive. However, I needn’t have worried as I thoroughly enjoyed my written projects as well as Susan’s no-nonsense feedback and in-depth written critiques. Not only was she able to identify my main weaknesses straightaway, she highlighted my strengths, and was full of positive suggestions and inspirational ideas on how I could improve my work. As a result of Susan’s mentoring I have won a runner’s up prize in a writing competition, gained a place on the MA Writing at Sheffield Hallam University and have written and polished approximately 25,000 words of a novel. Paula Greenlees  June 2012

“The useful comments helped me to improve my writing and your constant encouragement got me to the end of my novel.” Becca Linsford October 2011

"It was a choice between becoming a better writer and buying ten driving lessons. I still don't have a licence; but I do have a finished novel." Tom Sorsby April 2011

“Susan was my writing mentor when I was just starting to write my novel and her support, encouragement and expert guidance inspired me to keep going - it's now finished so she must be good!” Kate Mitchell August 28, 2011

Prices 2016

Critique: short stories/single chapters

For detailed notes and corrections on MS, plus a full written report (1-2 pages) with comments and suggestions for development: Up to 3000 words £65.00 up to 4500 words £80.00.longer pieces by arrangement. Work can be submitted by post or e-mail, and I will e-mail (or post) my report by an agreed deadline, usually a maximum of two weeks. 

Critique: full length /partial manuscript (fiction only):
Appraisal includes page annotation as well as a written report. For a full-length manuscript, this is usually at least 5 pages, often longer. Initially, please send an email or brief letter, telling me a little about you and your writing, plus a detailed outline or synopsis, and a sample of your work (around 15-20 double-spaced pages would be fine). This will enable me to decide whether I am able to take on the work. There is no charge for this initial reading. If I am able to work with the manuscript, I will then contact you and ask you send a hard copy by post. The ms should be printed on one side only of A4, double spaced with 12pt font (Arial or Times New Roman). Please don't forget to number pages! The turnaround time for a full-length manuscript is usually around four weeks but no more than six.

Up to 100 double spaced pages - £230
100-150 double spaced pages - £270
151-200 double spaced pages - £320
201-250 double spaced pages - £380
251-300 double spaced pages - £450

Over 300 pages – please add £1.40 per page

Payment on submission of the full MS

*10% discount on a re-read and report on your redrafted version

Mentoring is aimed at writers working on longer pieces of work such as a novel, short story collection, or portfolio of work for an application to a writing MA.These packages would also suit those who are unable to attend a weekly course and feel they would benefit from regular deadlines and detailed feedback. Ideally, we would meet face-to-face for feedback sessions, but if you’re not in the Sheffield area, it is possible to do this by phone and/or email. Scroll down for testimonials.

Mentoring package
Eight submissions of up to 10,000 words over a12-month period, though this can be flexible. A submission every six weeks tends to work well. I will provide detailed written comments along with notes and corrections on each submission. This includes a face-to-face tutorial lasting around 45 minutes -1 hour, where we meet up over coffee at a mutually convenient place to go through your work. This is an opportunity for you to ask questions and clarify things, and an opportunity for us to discuss your work in depth – this is often where new ideas spring up apparently from nowhere, so face-to-face meeting is definitely the recommended option. If meeting in person is not possible, you may prefer to opt for telephone tutorials, or if you'd rather, I can submit a more detailed written report instead, (at least 1-2 pages) with comments and suggestions for development.

I will also email or telephone you once between submissions for a brief chat to see how you’re getting on and hopefully advise on any problems you’re experiencing.

Cost: £1800 for full mentoring package (includes eight face-to-face meetings) 

Terms: £500 deposit on booking, balance due before third session.

Mini mentoring package:
Four submissions of up to 7500 words over a 6 to 8-month period.
(Same service as above)

Cost: £900 for mini mentoring package (includes four face-to-face meetings)

Terms: £250 deposit on booking, balance due before second session.

How to submit
For mentoring enquiries, please send an email telling me a little about you and the book you're working on, together with an outline or synopsis and a sample of your work (around 15 to 20 double spaced pages would be fine). This will enable me to decide whether I am able to work with you on this particular project. There is no charge for this initial reading.I'll get back to you as quickly as possible, usually within 7 to 10 days, to let you know whether I'm able to take on the work, and to arrange the first submission.

Short stories/novel extracts:  Can be submitted by email or post 

Full manuscript: by post only, please

Please get in touch via the contact page to arrange submission
Please provide a brief commentary / statement of aims with your work. It may help to think about questions such as: What do you want your reader to take away from this story/chapter? What emotions do you want him or her to feel? How do you want your reader to respond to certain characters? Are you trying to create a particular atmosphere in the piece? Which areas do you feel need particular attention? The purpose of the commentary is so that I can see what you’re trying to achieve, and comment on how well you’re achieving it. It’s important for a writer to be analytical, to be aware of the process of writing – we all produce the odd masterpiece now and again, but if we don’t know how we did it, we won’t know how to do it again! If you're submitting part of a novel, please include a brief outline or synopsis (I won’t comment on this, it’s just so that I can put the piece in context.) If the section is anything other than the opening, I’ll also need brief summaries of preceding chapters.